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Uitni Houston sells "the oval" house


The legendary American performer of songs in style the priest, soul and a rhythm n-blues has exposed the old house in which has married Bobbi Brown in 1992 … on sale
The private residence with five bedrooms is located in New Jersey, and Uitni wishes to receive for it only 2, 5 million dollars. And after all once the small house has been got for 5, 6 million dollars!

However, Uitni did not live for a long time already in a private residence - so and to regret for it there is nothing.


The house of the well-known singer consists of the several rounded off parts connected by transitions.


It totals five bedrooms and four bathrooms...


Total area of a structure of 1167 sq. m.


Houston has bought this object of the real estate in 1987.


The singer posesses also the next house of the smaller size - with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a total area of 317 sq. m which in the middle of September has been exposed on sale for 950 thousand dollars.


The size of an adjoining site makes 2 hectares.



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